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The School now has a website. The address is Parents could now access the children’s academic performance and other information about the school through the website. It is free. Please make use of it and give the School feedback.


School fees should be paid promptly either into the various designated school accounts or the POS (Point of Sales) machine in the school.

  • Zenith Bank - 1011077261
  • Access Bank - 0039649522
  • Fidelity Bank - 4110019944
  • Union Bank - 0014355856

The School wishes to remind Parents of the following:

  • Endeavour to bring your children to School early and collect them as soon as the School dismisses
  • Ensure that your children do all homework/assignments given to them on a daily basis
  • Desist from giving your children money to bring to School
  • No form of indiscipline is tolerated e.g fighting, bullying, stealing e.t.c
  • Any child damaging School property or another child’s item would be surcharged
  • No parent/guardian should go to the classroom area during school hours. All communication with respect to your child/ward should be through the Headmistress.
  • Birthday celebrations are only allowed on Fridays. Please do not include items like cooked food, bottled drink and chewing gum.

The School wishes to remind Parents of the following:

  • The Security men are there for the safety of your children. Please cooperate with them.
  • Do not engage them in any form of abuse. Any complaint should be brought to the Management of the School.
  • Park your cars properly to avoid blocking other road users or causing unnecessary traffic jam.
  • Lock yours cars properly at all times
  • Do not blow your horn to call your children. Collect them in the School premises.
  • Remember to check the school website ( to get more information about your child or the school.

Latest Events

Follow our most recent school news
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Second place award presentation to INPS's Master Nneoma Eluagu, one of the two contestants in the team that represented Enugu State in the MAN quiz. Presented by MAN representatives Dr Chike Ugwuani and Mrs Ezeamalu.
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Voice Against Violence (VAV) training for our middle age pupils on the need to speake out against all form of violence against children.
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Younger age pupils pictured with the I.N.P.S Girl Guide leader Miss Vicy Ugbene.
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Pulic address by the French Ambassador to the school authorities.
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Winners of the cultural day celebration.
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Homily given during the first holy communion service.
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Special musical performance by our pupils during the music festival celebration.
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Marching exercise carried out by our gallant boys scout and girls guide.
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We take the fight againts poor healthy habits very seriously.

Latest Events

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