About us

  • International nursery and primary school is an educational center for academic excellence that is based in Enugu state. We serve over a 1000 pupils across three major class divisions – Pre-nursery, Nursery and Primary.
  • Since our inception, INPS has continued to develop its academic, arts and other extra-curricular programs that have elevated its pupil’s strength of character, leading to the development of high achieving individuals for the Nigerian society.
  • INPS boasts of a high acceptance rate of her graduate pupils in to the best local and foreign based secondary schools. In fact, our graduates are well known and highly sort after by a host of secondary schools within the state. INPS seeks to be the first choice for families in Enugu who want a good character-centered pre-secondary education for their kids. Specifically, our approach to achieving this is two-fold:
  • We forge and enduring partnership between church, home and school in order to produce strong and effective young leaders who will impart their homes and society at large.
  • We foster excellence in the life of our pupil through hard-work and diligence so as to groom them into exemplary figures in their homes.

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We are group of teachers who really love children's and enjoy every moment of teaching